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Aussie Since 2012 60 Days Money Back
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Car Accessories

You're spending a lot of time in your vehicle, which is why it's crucial to have all the essential car accessories to make your life easier. Gearbite is all about providing you with the highest quality, most innovative products on the market. From phone chargers and car dash cams to portable jump-starters, we can help you find exactly what you need. 

As the largest Xiaomi ecosystem retailer in Australia, we aim to distribute the most exceptional products at very attractive prices. Browse our range today!

Discover our impressive range of car accessories

Gearbite is a destination for the best car accessories and more. You'll find a host of items designed to make your life on the road much more manageable. 

  • Car phone chargers
    Power up on the go with our extensive range of car chargers. We carry Xiaomi car chargers, wireless chargers and USB car adapters optimised to power up your device quickly. With exceptional features like high power transfer and low heat output, you'll never have to worry about your phone running out of juice on the road again.
  • Car dash cams
    Drive safely and confidently with our impressive selection of car dash cams. We have several powerful car dash cam units that boast incredible features like automatically engaging when you start the car, night vision with HD technology and even English voice control for hands-free navigation! You don't need to look anywhere else for the most advanced cameras for your driving needs!
  • Car phone holders
    Get a stylish, hands-free way to use your phone with our line of car phone holders. They're easy to install and remove, so you can use them in different vehicles and wipe them clean when needed. Keep your trusted smartphone in sight with these simple yet all-important car accessories! Made with premium quality materials to ensure durability and protection, these holders are an essential tool for any driver.
  • Portable start-up charger and jump starter
    Everybody needs a jump starter for their car in case of an emergency. Our lightweight and portable car battery jump starters are cutting-edge and multifunctional. Aside from helping you jump-start your batteries with ease, it can charge your phone, tablet and other gadgets with a USB charging port on the side. The ultra-bright flashlight has you covered for changing a tire, inspecting an engine or warning oncoming traffic that you are broken down on the roadside. Plus, it's waterproof!

Gearbite — home of the finest car accessories in Australia

Gearbite is an Australian carrier of premium car accessories from Xiaomi and other trusted brands. To provide quality tech products for our customers at the best possible prices, we've grown to be a massive retailer with a long list of happy customers. We also pride ourselves on pampering our clients with excellent customer service and satisfaction through fast shipping and an industry-best 30-day money-back guarantee on all our products.

If you're looking for car accessories or other gadgets related to mobile phones, home or fitness, feel free to browse our catalogue and shop with us! We also release new arrivals on our site, so be sure to check those out too! Should you have any questions or concerns about any of our offerings, contact us, and we'll help you out as best we can.