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Aussie Since 2012 60 Days Money Back
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Kingsmith Walkingpad R2 Pro foldable Walking and Running machine Treadmill Au Version



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WARNING: keep young children away from this machine at all times. Contact with the moving surface may result in severe friction burns.

New Handrail Desgin
Thicker, Wider, More Stable and
No more static eletctricity while exercising

New Clip Design

Easier and more smooth
when user adjusts the height of Handrail

New Running Pedal

By applying the metal and rubberdesign,
the new pedal offer more skid resistance

New Rotary Knob Design

Larger Knob makes it easier to tight the handrail
makes Handrail more stable during excercise

New Shell Crafting

Applying new Appearance design
and new ABS spray crafting


Multiple Layers

The treadmill platform is a frequently used position, that is why we use high-density
fiberboard to ensure its excellent quality; EVA cushioning layer with comfortable
texture; smooth layer with low friction coefficient, wear-resistant and anti-slip running belt.

Remote Control

WALKINGPAD R2 switches mode,accelerates/decelerates and starts/stops by the remote control, while exercising, with little click on the button to change the options easily, it gets rid of the complicated buttons on the dashboard in the traditional treadmill to guarantee a safer and more pleasant workout.

Adaptive Speed Control Technology

Patent No.: 201510274192.X
The patent of Kingsmith frees your hands. The pressure sensors embedded in the treadmill base, monitoring user's step position in real time, and responding quickly to the users' intent, instantly adjust the speed of the WALKINGPAD R2. Free you hands in the real meaning.

Automatic Mode

Speed is automatically controlled by intelligent algorithm. It follows the speed of walking from range 0.5~6KM/H maximum. When R2 is operating in the A mode, the user does not need to use the remote control. When exercising in the front area, it automatically starts and accelerates; in the middle area, it keeps constant speed; in the rear area, it will slow down and then stop automatically.

Brushless Motor

R2 equips a brand new brushless motor. The brushless motor is more able to hold down the noise while working out and improve the max load of the treadmill. And through long-time operation test, its duration and stability have all been improved.

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