Dreame cordless Handheld V11 Stick Vacuum Cleaner 25,000Pa Suction Carpet Head Au Version



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Brand:Dreame (Xiaomi Eco-system Brand)

Main Features
  1. Powered by reliable Dreame 125,000rpm Motor ,Dreame SPACE 4.0 High-speed Motor, Suction power up to 150AW
  2. All new OLED HD Display
  3. 10 Cleaning Methods, 6 Innovations Suit All Your Cleaning Needs
  4. Aeroplane Standard Aviation -level Motor Calibration Precise to 0.002g14
  5. 90 mins Runtime 3000mAh Battery Clean Your house with Ease
  6. 12-Cone Self-cleaning Cyclone
  7. 5 Stage in-depth filtration system only releases fresh air
  8. Filter Particles as Small as 0.3 Microns

Package include:

  • 1x Main Device
  • 1xPower Adapter
  • 1xCarpet Motorized Head
  • 1x Electric Mite Removal Brush
  • 1x 2-in-1 Charging Dock
  • 1x 2-in-1 Flat Brush
  • 1x 2-in-1 Brush
  • 1x Metal Articulating Rod
  • 1x Extension Hose

Dreame Space 4.0 High Speed Motor


HD OLED Color Display